Being born and raised in Colorado, and educated in the American west, Japan and Europe, has given me my own aesthetic blend of Far East meets rustic west; French industrialist meets West Village bohemian ... with a few stops in between.
  My approach to design is simple. Design to the way you want to live and be inspired in life by the way you design... with no restrictions in how you dream and shying away from strict design definitions . The inspiration may be a prouve’ chair or a rustic willow bench; the trees that grow on your favorite walk, or how a certain color charges your heart. Design is the face of how you live and love life.
  I am a designer/builder who specializes in whole estate design/redesign, as well as restaurants, bungalows, gardens, or your own idea of a name it.
  In every project, I believe it is important to have respect for the past and the future by using reclaimed and renewable materials and the most innovative energy and building technologies available today.